Lush 2 by Lovense - ART - Vinyl on metal


Shipping to United States: $25.00

Vinyl on metal art piece
6yr adhesive vinyl on sheet metal.
Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor hanging.
Can be cleaned by wiping with damp cloth.
Small holes drilled in top corners for hanging.
Can be hung with small nails or wire.
Customizable- contact seller.

I use my sex toys as a creative tool and practice aid. The lush 2 by Lovense really opened up a whole new world of potential for me.
I got it for its use on Chaturbate for my cam shows, the audience can tip me and activate the vibrations! But it is useful in so many other ways.

- music practice (I’m working towards achieving an orgasm while playing music with the Lush 2 in)
- Remote play with distant partners
- Creative inspiration
- Focus while working (I find the stimulation helps me stay focused)

Lovense has a whole line of products and an amazing app. Definitely a game changer for me as a creative, sexual person.

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